How are Ocean Heroes working for an ocean free from plastic pollution? What makes them special? What can you expect?



How would you define an Ocean Hero?

With so much plastic in the world coming from so many different sources, there are lots of ways that Ocean Heroes are working to reduce and stop the flow of plastic pollution into our ocean. It’s an enormous challenge, but...

Ocean Heroes are collaborative.

They take on one piece of the problem that they can affect in their life. They know that all of the other Ocean Heroes out there working on their piece of the puzzle, we are working together for a healthy, plastic-free ocean.

Ocean Heroes are strategic.

Ocean Heroes work to identify the root of the problem. They use their skills to convince people to use and demand plastic alternatives, to convince businesses to offer plastic alternatives, and to convince lawmakers to create and change laws to protect the ocean.

Ocean Heroes are impactful.

The challenge presented to Ocean Heroes is to develop an Impact Campaign - a plan of action - to address a specific problem in your own community that is contributing to a threat to our ocean (in this case, plastic pollution). Campaigns are built around a specific goal and use different strategies and tactics to achieve that goal. The BEST Impact Campaigns leverage the passions and talents of the Ocean Hero so it's fun too.

Ocean Heroes are brave and persistent.

They know that they are facing a daunting task, and they will likely run into barriers and people who challenge them. But Ocean Heroes stay motivated by their vision of a healthy ocean and are willing to work for it.

Ocean Heroes are optimistic and bring what they love to their work.

Working for a healthy ocean can be daunting and at times, even discouraging. Ocean Heroes that keep up their work are often the ones that combine their passion with their work. When you love what you are doing, it's easy!


At What Point Will I Be an Ocean Hero?

You are reading this as part of Ocean Heroes Basic Training, where you are learning the essentials on what it means to be an Ocean Hero, what it means to create an Impact Campaign, etc. At the end of Basic training, you will be asked to submit your BIG OCEAN HERO IDEA, which will serve as your ticket to Ocean Heroes Bootcamp! Bootcamp is focused on the strategies and tactics for creating an AMAZING campaign, which you will be challenged to submit at the end of Bootcamp. When you submit your OH Impact Campaign Plan, you will OFFICIALLY become an Ocean Hero and join the Ocean Heroes Network.

What Happens Once I Am an Official Ocean Hero?

Once you are an Ocean Hero, the work and fun begins! You will be putting your campaign plan into action. But don’t worry, you won’t have to do it alone - the Ocean Heroes Network is here to help! Through Ocean Heroes Headquarters, you will have access to a global community of Ocean Heroes doing the same kind of work you are doing, challenges and contests, advanced training opportunities, resources to support your campaign, etc. And, as you work towards your campaign goal and report your progress, you’ll be earning Ocean Heroes Points which you can redeem for services like media training, social media amplification, and cool swag.

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