Why is plastic a problem for the ocean?


As an Ocean Hero, you’ll learn how to work with people, companies, organizations, and even governments to recognize their role in creating a healthy ocean.



Go outside and take a five minute walk. Do you observe any evidence of these threats to the ocean in your own neighborhood?

Why Are We Focusing on Plastic Pollution?

The Ocean Heroes Network focuses primarily on plastic pollution because we are willing to bet that on your walk around your neighborhood, you saw plastic waste. It’s an easy threat to focus on to learn how to make a difference for the ocean because it is EVERYWHERE! You don’t have to live near the ocean for plastic pollution in your own neighborhood to affect the health of our waterways and ocean. Rivers, lakes, streams  -- they’re all part of our global water system, and plastic is choking them all. So we start by focusing on plastic pollution, but you will find that the ideas, skills, and tools you build as an Ocean Hero will work for just about any problem you want to address to create a better world.

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