About Ocean Heroes

The Ocean Heroes Network & Bootcamp empowers existing and emerging youth leaders to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution.

A Short History

In 2015, a heart-wrenching video of a team of scientists removing a plastic straw from the nose of a sea turtle went viral. It ignited a fury of rightful impatience and outrage about the health of our ocean in a generation of young people. Ocean organizations were flooded with inquiries from young people around the world about what they could DO about it.

By 2017, Captain Planet Foundation and Lonely Whale teamed up to respond to that call for action. With support from Founding Partner, Point Break Foundation and the collaborative support of more than a dozen other organizations, the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp was launched in 2018 to provide these young people with the tools, skills, and network to put their passion to work.

Point Break Foundation founder Henry Pincus and Lonely Whale co-founder Adrian Grenier at the 2018 OHBC opening reception
Point Break Foundation founder Henry Pincus and Lonely Whale co-founder Adrian Grenier at the 2018 OHBC opening reception

Nine Pillars of Programming

Developed by leading international ocean-health experts and creative partners
Science Education
Global plastic policy
critical campaigning
idea incubation
articulating impact
media literacy
peer-to-peer leadership
Corporate Communication

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp

Ocean Heroes Bootcamp (OHBC) is a global gathering of young people passionate about helping our ocean and committed to making a difference. Whether in-person or virtual, the OHBC engages youth in skill building and networking to become effective advocates and champions for clean seas and a healthy ocean.

Heroes with OH Drink Tumblers

Ocean Heroes HQ Team

Created in collaboration with Captain Planet Foundation, Lonely Whale, and Point Break Foundation


Leesa Carter-Jones

Captain Planet Foundation


Dune Ives

Lonely Whale


Danny Witte

Lonely Whale


H. Storck

Captain Planet Foundation


Rosie O'Conner

Point Break Foundation


Emy Kane

Lonely Whale


Courtney Kimmel

Captain Planet Foundation


Kendyll Romine

Captain Planet Foundation


Bonnie Hester

Captain Planet Foundation

Word on the Street

“This bootcamp turns kids into plastic-fighting superheroes.”

"These young people plan to affect change quickly and for the long term.”

"One kid can do a lot, but if you get a bunch of kids together to do something as a group, they can accomplish a lot more."

“It’s about putting my ideas into action. I have all these ideas about how to save the planet, but I didn’t know how to use them.”


Supporting Global Goals

Campaigns created by the Ocean Heroes to permanently reduce plastic pollution support the achievement of UN SDG 14.1 and organizing partner UN Environment's Clean Seas campaign to turn the tide on plastic.


Support Ocean Heroes

Contribute today and your donation will go to provide Ocean Heroes around the world with scholarships to trainings, small grants to support their campaigns, and engaging more youth in the fight for a healthy ocean.

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