We are excited to have you here, because the ocean needs us and we need the ocean to be healthy!

We’ve created Basic Training to provide you with the foundational information you’ll need to come prepared to the Ocean Heroes Bootcamp and get the most out of your experience! Basic Training is made up of 12 Modules with videos featuring your fellow Ocean Heroes sharing their perspectives so that you may hear directly from them about their experiences, insights and observations. Each module may have one or more videos, documents and worksheets. 

It’s important to review all 12 Modules (see Step 2 below) so that you may create Your Big Ocean Hero Idea and come to Bootcamp ready to take your campaign to the next level. 

Don’t worry if after going through the modules you don’t have answers to all of the questions in Your Big Ocean Hero Idea planner (see Step 1 below) - you have the option to join us in a Live Session (see Step 3 below) where you can ask your outstanding questions before you submit your Planner (see Step 4 below).

We’re so excited to have you join us this year! Have fun with Basic Training and dreaming big about Your Big Ocean Hero Idea!! To get started in Basic Training, you will need to log in using your Ocean Heroes account. You can log in below or, if you have not already registered to create an account, click on Sign Up below.



Basic Training Preview


How does a healthy ocean contribute to life on this planet?


Why is plastic a problem for the ocean?


How are Ocean Heroes working for an ocean free from plastic pollution?

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